Crank of the Week - March 8, 2010 - Lucy Lawless

Best-known for her role as Xena in Xena: Warrior Princess, New Zealand native Lucy Lawless is speaking out about the environment and global warming. Famous for sword play in skimpy outfits, Ms Lawless has no-doubt been the center of many a fan's personal fantasy. Her latest fantasy is saving the planet. In a recent interview the former warrior princess was asked what she would say to those who do not believe in global warming to get them to change their minds. “I think the people running climate change denial campaigns are sociopaths,” Lawless answered. Obviously her persuasive technique has not progressed much beyond the use of sharp edged weapons.

“I believe there is a catastrophic change coming if we don't do something now,” declares eco-advocate Lucy Lawless, an ambassador for New Zealand Greenpeace who has an organic garden, recycles, and switched to CFL light bulbs at home. Lawless, named one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” by People magazine in 1997, showed a less attractive side when talking about climate change and the environment. “They don't want you to get off the grid in any sense because then you'd be autonomous and they couldn't make you buy their poison.” If by poison she means electricity, we bet most people would rather stay connected. Getting off the grid may work for a big time actress but not everyone has her money.

When asked her advice about the one thing everyone can do to save our environment she replied: “Plant something! Anywhere you can, plant something! I am digging up my tennis court and putting in native trees to encourage the native birds to come in.” What a sacrifice! Quick everyone, dig up your tennis courts and save the planet.

But what about those of us who are not as financially well endowed? “I know we don't all have tennis courts to dig up, but we can all plant a window box or a tree.” Trees maybe, but how much of an impact can a window box have?

Lawless was one of the founding organizers of the New Zealand Sign On campaign, originally intended to promote the idea of a 40% reduction in New Zealand greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. Reportedly the organizing meeting and photo shoot was held at her house and Lucy herself came up with the “No Planet B” slogan. After Copenhagen flopped the campaign is bravely soldering on, hoping to triumph at the next climate conference. According to the official web site:

World leaders have failed us. They have walked away from the global summit in Copenhagen without a treaty to save the climate. They still have a chance to get it right and we will not let them fail. The future of 6.5 billion people is at stake... You are one of them.

“I'm signing on because there's no Planet B,” said Lawless. “There's nowhere else for our kids and grandchildren to go. We need to get on with the business of tackling climate change. Our Government needs to sign up to a 40 by 2020 target.” Well, we saw how well that worked out at Copenhagen.

The former Xena is now playing Lucretia in Spartacus: Blood and Sand, on Starz. Reminiscent of both the movie 300 for its stylized look, freeze-frame violence and flying blood and HBO's Rome for its explicit sex and nudity, the 13-part series, has already been renewed for a second season. The swords-sex-and-sandals series is co-produced by Lawless' husband Rob Tapert on-site in New Zealand.

The steamy production has tried to be as green as possible. “No paper cups, no Styrofoam, virtually no heat on the stages,” Tapert said. Reportedly there is very little in the way of costumes in many of the scenes as well. According to one fan site:

That Lawless gets naked and sweaty like the rest of the cast (and for the first time in her career) is a television game changer on the order of David Caruso’s exposed butt on NYPD Blue. In the series premiere, she’s erotically caressed by her slave girl, in preparation for sex with her husband (who also outsources his foreplay). I can’t remember the last time I saw fluffers on TV.

Beyond her recent screen exposure, a video has been posted of Lucy singing in the shower, warming up for before a performance at the Sign On planet A concert in Auckland. I guess for an actress of her caliber both making green and going green means getting naked. Whether its soft-core cable porn or hard-core environmentalism Lucy is the warrior princess to call.

“Climate Change is a true emergency,” says Lawless. “It's the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced. We need all hands on deck.” So dig up your tennis courts, plant those window boxes, get off the grid and flash your private bits, Xena is fighting to save the planet. Lucy/Xena/Lucretia, this Crank of the Week is all yours.

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I would have put:



Xena looks constipated tho

She's definitely hot, and her

She's definitely hot, and her sex appeal will cull a lot of male followers, but we know they'll all be in it for the Lucy, not the environment.

Personally, I'd plant a window box for a shot at seeing her naked. Or just google it.


This is funny. You do have a wit about you. As far as I am concerned the idea of mankind able to save the world is the biggest hubris of all. I think the planet is a bit bigger than our egos. My god, really, a women in the shower is going to change minds? If so men are pretty stupid. She does nothing for me, but I am not a man. So there.

Yean. but then...

I am a guy. And I have to say, man or woman, looks don't turn me on, seeing someone doing honest work is what makes me have respect for someone.

Generally speaking I don't think you could support enough green in a window box to counteract the co2 from soil bacteria. Isn't that what biosphere2 taught us?