Resilient Earth Authors Attend Scientists For Truth Conference

Al Simmons and Doug Hoffman attended the “Scientists for Truth” conference in Springfield, Mo, on August 13, and report that the affair was a complete success. The conference's mission was to raise awareness in America's heartland regarding the pernicious lies spread by climate change extremists and how dangerous the global warming hoax is to the country. Several hundred attendees, including a class of high school students, stood for a rousing rendition of the national anthem to kickoff a day of presentations by a full slate of prominent global warming skeptics.

After a warm welcome and introductions by conference organizer Ron Boyer, Joesph D'Aleo, founder and editor of ICECAP US, one of the oldest and most respected skeptic web sites, was the first presenter was. D’Aleo, who was the first Director of Meteorology at the cable TV Weather Channel, has over 30 years experience in professional meteorology. As he skillfully laid out the evidence contradicting claims by Al Gore and the IPCC, murmurs of agreement could be heard from the enthusiastic audience.

Conference organizer Ron Boyer welcomes attendees.

Next up was Duane Highley, director of Power Production at Associate Electric Cooperative, Inc., who addressed the potential impact of energy legislation pending in the Congress. As he described the financial repercussions of the Waxman Markey energy bill—which would severely impact the people of Missouri, who get 85% of their electricity from coal—the audience was obviously displeased. The crowd reacted angrily when told to expect an $1,800 increase in their electric bill if “Cap and Trade” becomes the law of the land.

Dennis Avery, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and the co-author, with S. Fred Singer, of “Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years,” was next at the speaker's podium. Avery's presentation focused on explaining the major theme of the his New Your Times best selling book. Using a wealth of scientific evidence he showed how global warming, as insignificant as it is, results from natural cycles that have affected Earth's climate for millions of years.

Author Dennis Avery with Simmons and Hoffman.

Dr Anthoney Lupo, Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University Missouri, presented his insights about climate modeling, gained through years of experience in environmental science. Then, following lunch, Dr. Marlo Lewis Jr., from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, linked political, economic and scientific data, warning against taking precipitous action to stop imaginary global warming.

Marc Morano, the driving force behind the Climate Depot web site, gave an energetic and humorous review of ridiculous statements made by politicians and the slanted coverage of global warming in the news media. Marc's spirited presentation had the audience alternation between howls of laughter and shouts of outrage. Using politicians' own statements, the foolishness and folly of our public officials was made painfully obvious.

Marc Morano entertained and informed the crowd.

Given the unenviable task of following Marc's high-energy presentation, Dr. Craig Loehle returned to the scientific evidence and the weak case for anthropogenic global warming. Loehl is Principle Scientist at the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, an independent, non-profit research institute that focuses on environmental topics.

The final speaker of the day was Dr. Doug L. Hoffman, who's presentation placed the whole matter of human caused global warming into perspective. Hoffman finished the day with an eye opening talk that spanned the birth of the universe, Earth's changing climate over time, mass extinctions and the history of global warming. Talking afterward with Resilient Earth co-author Al Simmons, Dennis Avery remarked that Doug's presentation captured the “grand view” of science and showed how trivial the climate change alarmists' arguments truly are. [See Doug's post “The Grand View: 4 Billion Years Of Climate Change” for a sample of the arguments made in his presentation. — Adin]

Dr. Hoffman presents the grand view of climate science.

In all, it was a very successful and well attend conference. Students, local politicians and the public all departed with a much clearer view of the controversy surrounding global warming. While Al and Doug autographed copies of The Resilient Earth for a crowd of enthusiastic participants, one attendee was heard to say, “meetings like this one should be held all across the country.” A sentiment shared by the attendees and speakers alike. So thanks to Ron and his family, who provided the labor to organize and run the conference—the result was a spectacular success.

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A more appropriate title would be...

..."Scientists for science" (or perhaps "the truth about science", but that's less catchy), or "Scientists for skepticism". "Scientists for Truth" is a nice rallying cry, but it's misleading to the layman, because science is not about "truth". It's about "as best we can tell, using the best methods we know."

As I have said many times before

Scientists mostly avoid words like "truth" and "fact" because real scientists know that all of what science thinks it knows can be modified or disproven without warning. Yes, the conference could have been called "scientists for the best current interpretation of the assembled empirical evidence" but that wouldn't fit on the banner. Considering the liberties taken by the climate change catastrophists ours was but a minor transgression.

The Meeting in Springfield

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I enjoyed our conversation and thanks again for signing the book. I posted my own view of the meeting at Bit Tooth Energy which is where I normally post.

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