Will the Economic Crisis affect efforts to curb Global Warming?

prevention measured to slow down of global warming...

all of us should have our own responsbility to save our earth from this situation. We do not false our government only;why they are not take actions to curb of global warming?....The private party also need to be co-operation with government to solves any hard problem that occurs in our country such as economic crisis and pollution... the nations also need to changes their negatives perspective and try to gives supporting to government...In the nutshell, we must be a "Team work"....

Society as whole

I feel that i share the same sentiment to the feelings that you express, but the efforts by the government seem to show that policy has abandoned individual responsibility and made an effort to do things for the aggregate itself. The founding fathers of the nation appointed an electoral college because the common man in those times seemed to have no grasp of political workings, and I think we have reverted to this stage, but in a different manner. Because of the barrage of propaganda and political bias, I don't think people can truly understand what they should do, and therefore many are much more content to have someone simply do everything for them.

In the past we had a large problem with misrepresentation of our sentiments (even though the majority is more than likely fine with having agenda simply fed to them) but the change needs to come from the people itself, just as with the revolution. It started with the people.

economic crisis affected effect to curb of global warming

Of course... indirectly, all of country cannot curb of global warming in the nearest times as well as how they want to solved their economic crisis in their own country and for their nation.. In addition, the government need to afford more cost for these two situation in the same times?

citizen burden causes by economic crisis

what we should do if our nation becomes more unbelief to our government? all of this may occur because they cannot gives their hopes hundred percent to government more.Mostly, government only showed their action by planned but the implementation is less.what your opinion?